• Founded in 1887
  • 125 acres of land, located above the Ocmulgee River
  • Resting place for over 18,000 individuals
  • Not-for-profit entity since the 1940s
  • Easy access for services and subsequent visits
  • Modern and active with lots and spaces available

Traditional Burial

  • In-ground interment on well-landscaped lots
  • Ability to customize the size or style marker for each individual
  • Plots available in the Daffodil section

Daffodil Section

  • Peaceful open field with oak trees and lush foliage
  • Calming atmosphere created by the secluded valley-like environment

Family Estate

  • Families may have a final resting place together
  • Opportunity to memorialize the family name
  • Newest addition to the cemetery
  • Lots available in the Violet section

Violet Section

  • Additionally landscaped
  • Pre-installed granite borders delineate lots


  • Provide an above-ground interment within a building structure
  • Available space for both traditional and cremation burial options
  • Option of a community mausoleum or create a custom design to build your own private mausoleum
  • Spaces available in the Camellia Mausoleum

Camellia Mausoleum

  • Offers beautiful marble front crypts and niches
  • Built in 1999, includes a covered veranda for services and visits from family members

Private Mausoleums

  • Families can purchase private custom mausoleums


  • Urns may be buried in both traditional and family estate lots
  • Niches within a columbarium or mausoleum may house urns
  • Available spaces for cremated remains in the Hydrangea Memorial Garden and the new Columbarium

Scattering and Memorialization

  • Scattering is a way to honor a loved one’s desires and memory
  • But the family is left without a physical place of remembrance
  • The Scattering Garden & Rock of Remembrance offers a permanent place to scatter your loved one’s remains and memorialize their life
  • This area will never be developed
  • Plaques for our Rock of Remembrance are available for purchase

Hydrangea Memorial Garden

  • Tranquil, semi-secluded area offers in-ground burial for urns
  • Markers, benches, and individual lots within the garden are available


  • Completed in 2013, Riverside Cemetery is home to Middle Georgia's premier columbarium
  • Located in the Violet section and competitively priced
  • Includes 162 niches to protect the cremated remains of loved ones
  • Constructed of granite and brick, the columbarium is both beautiful and strong


  • Reflects a deep, personal expression of that person's individuality
  • Provides a historical record of a life well lived
  • Wishes of the loved one or their family are accommodated
  • Online record-keeping database allows current and future generations to search for loved ones


Riverside Cemetery & Conservancy | 1301 Riverside Dr. | Macon, GA 31201 | 478-742-5328