Historic Riverside Cemetery Conservancy

Riverside Cemetery Preservation Campaign

Riverside Cemetery is embarking on a preservation campaign for our historic landmark. As you can imagine, the costs associated with maintaining and conserving a landmark of this magnitude is daunting. But, it is a task that our Board of Directors and staff have done for 130 years. 

In 2007, the Historic Riverside Cemetery Conservancy was established by the visionaries on the cemetery board and organized as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. The Conservancy’s mission is one of cemetery preservation, enhancement, and education.

Through community outreach, educational programming, and exciting theater, we have been raising awareness of the challenges we face maintaining this historic and cultural treasure. Hundreds of volunteers – all of whom are dedicated to the task of reclaiming this 19th century notion of a garden-like cemetery – have been entertaining the many visitors who come to see and enjoy it. However, it takes money to keep the grounds presentable and provide our volunteers the resources they need.

Funding Needs

The Conservancy’s outreach and preservation efforts are funded through endowments, corporate donations, grants, charitable gifts, individual contributions, fundraising events, and memberships. Specific projects include public programs and enhancements such as:

  • Pathways to History, an interactive educational curriculum
  • Veterans Memorial, including a planned marker for the Civil War Earthwork
  • Mausoleum renovation
  • Gate house renovation
  • Restoration of original Calvert Vaux landscape design
  • Heritage Plantings, memorial garden
  • Addition of benches and garden areas
  • Historic signage
  • Road construction and improvement

How You Can Help Us

Now the task at hand is to raise awareness of the financial needs of Riverside Cemetery and we need your help! If you have a personal tie to our historic cemetery or a connection to the community it serves, join us in its preservation so that it can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Your tax-deductible contribution will go directly into the Preservation Endowment Fund and your name (with your permission) will be enshrined with our list of donors.

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    Our Donors

    • Mr. Wade T. Adams, Sr.
    • Ms. Maryel Battin
    • Mrs. Leslie B. Bean
    • Mrs. Lillian S. Binner
    • Mrs. Sue Bloodworth
    • Mr. Alpha May Bond, Jr.
    • Ms. Dianne Brannen
    • Ms. Emily H. Bredeson
    • Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Brewton
    • Mr. and Mrs. R. William Buzzell II
    • Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Byrd III
    • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Claxton
    • Ms. Gina Dunlap Cogswell
    • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Michael Cook
    • Mr. Stewart O. Cunningham, Jr.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Dennis
    • Mr. and Mrs. Spyros N. Dermatas
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dickey II
    • Ms. Carolyn K. Dominy
    • Mr. & Mrs. Lester Z. Dozier
    • Mr. & Mrs. John K. Dukes, Jr.
    • Ms. Harriett M. Durkee
    • Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Dunn
    • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Fitzgibbons, Jr.
    • Mr. & Mrs. James D. Gann
    • Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Gaudry
    • Mrs. Lester Mallary Giddens
    • Ms. Susan Sims Gordon
    • Ms. Hazel T. Hagans
    • Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.
    • Ms. Sally M. Heard
    • Ms. Virginia A. Hein
    • Mr. & Mrs. John P. Hess
    • Peter O. Holliday III, M.D.
    • Mr. & Mrs. Sam H. Hollis
    • Mr. David Israel
    • Ms. Lee Asbill Johnson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Hubert C. Lovein, Jr.
    • Mr. & Mrs. Henry Lowe
    • Mr. and Mrs. T. Baldwin Martin, Jr.
    • Mr. & Mrs. Bert Maxwell III
    • Dr. Alva L Mayes, Jr.
    • Dr. & Mrs. Steve B. McLain
    • Ms. Donna Maley Morgan
    • Mr. & Mrs. John R. Morton
    • Thad E. Murphey Family Fund
    • Mrs. Harriet A. Newton
    • Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm B. Niedner
    • Dr. and Mrs. John O’Shaughnessey
    • Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Philhower Jr.
    • Ms. Patricia H. Phillips
    • Ms. Emma J. Ploeger-Ivey
    • Ms. Saynor J. Ponder
    • Dr. Susan R. Raybourne
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Richardson
    • Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Rivers
    • Dr. and Mrs. David H. Rozier
    • Mr. & Mrs. William A. Slocumb
    • Ms. Barbara S. Smith
    • Mr. and Mrs. King Solomon
    • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Conrad Stelling
    • Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Strickland Jr.
    • Ms. Judy Vaughn
    • Virginia Darden Foundation
    • Mr. & Mrs. William O. Walker
    • Mrs. Barbara Wood
    • Mr. Charles H. Yates Jr.