Burial Options

Traditional Burial

At Riverside Cemetery, there are many options for selecting a final resting place. Traditional burial refers to an in-ground interment on a lot with the freedom to customize the size…
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Family Estate

Early cemeteries in the United States were not formed with row upon row of markers in an open field as most modern cemeteries appear, but rather with large, private spaces…
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A mausoleum is a final resting place that provides an above-ground interment within a building-like structure. Often, mausoleums have a vestibule, or entrance room, where family members can visit their…
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Cremation is a preparation, not a final step, in the process of a loved one’s final arrangements. While cremation grows in popularity, many people forget to think about what will…
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Memorializing a loved one reflects a deep, personal expression of that person’s individuality and is an important part of the historical record of a life well lived. Riverside Cemetery offers…
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