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Riverside’s Daffodil section contains available spaces for traditional burial in a verdant, open field dotted with old oak trees and outlined by lush foliage. Guests making their way through Daffodil…
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Found in the lovely Violet section of Riverside Cemetery, each family estate lot may be completely customized. These lots offer pre-installed granite borders, exceptional landscaping, and unparalleled beauty for discerning…
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Our shaded Memorial Garden provides an in-ground burial option for cremated remains. The garden is terraced and landscaped on a hillside to provide an atmosphere of tranquility and semi-seclusion. Large…
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Middle Georgia’s first columbarium, completed in 2013, includes 162 niches to help memorialize your loved one and protect their cremated remains. Surrounded by the historic beauty of the cemetery’s Violet…
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A mausoleum is a final resting place that provides an above-ground interment within a building-like structure. Often, mausoleums have a vestibule, or entrance room, where family members can visit their…
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