Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-planning ensures that your family is able to remember and honor your life without the undue stress of planning for your arrangements. It is an easy process and there are many advantages:

  • Pre-planning allows you the time and flexibility to compare options and come to an understanding of exactly what you want
  • Pre-planning provides the opportunity for you and your family to make informed decisions and choices that are meaningful and personalized
  • Pre-planning alleviates the emotional and financial stress placed upon friends and family during a difficult time
  • Pre-planning is a great way to plan ahead financially and possibly save money on arrangements

We encourage you to visit Riverside Cemetery and speak with our knowledgeable and compassionate staff to learn more about pre-planning. Click here to learn more about the pre-planning process.

A mausoleum is a final resting place that provides an above-ground interment within a building-like structure. Often, mausoleums have a vestibule, or entrance room, where family members can visit their loved one in an environment protected from the elements. The mausoleum can contain crypts for caskets or niches for urns. At Riverside Cemetery, there are options for building personal mausoleums on private lots or selecting existing spaces in the elegant Camellia mausoleum.

A columbarium is a structure built with small niches or compartments designed for cremation urns. Click here to learn more about the columbarium at Riverside Cemetery.

A niche is a compartment built into a mausoleum or columbarium that holds a cremation urn.

A single lot provides room for one person or urn to be interred, while an estate lot varies in size and can be large enough to accommodate multiple generations of one family. Click here to view the family estate lots at Riverside Cemetery.

Yes, we most definitely do. We have lots and spaces available in the mausoleum, cremation garden, traditional burial sections, the columbarium, and family estate lots.View available plots.

Riverside Cemetery’s business office is located at the intersection of Riverside Drive and Madison Street, one block north of College Street, in the white brick building on Madison, across from the historic gatehouse. Click here to contact us.

Main Gate refers to the section of Riverside Cemetery that lies south of I-75. The actual main gate is a columned brick entrance located just north of the gatehouse. This gateway is blocked from vehicular traffic, as the paved pathway is part of the pedestrian Ocmulgee Heritage Trail. To enter Riverside’s Main Gate section, visitors should turn onto Madison Street at the Gatehouse and turn left into the cemetery’s drive.

North Gate is the area of Riverside Cemetery closest to Ingleside Avenue. It is bordered on the south side by I-75 and on the north by commercial and educational buildings, near Ingleside Avenue.

No. Riverside Cemetery is a private, not-for-profit cemetery corporation owned and operated exclusively for the benefit of its owners who hold lots, mausoleum crypts or niches for burial purposes. Rose Hill Cemetery, next door, is a municipal cemetery owned and managed by Macon-Bibb County. Both are beautiful and filled with history; however, Riverside remains an active cemetery.

The late Duane Allman, founder and lead guitar player of the Allman Brothers Band, and Berry Oakley, Allman Brothers bass player, who died while residing in Macon in the 1970s, are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery. In 2017, Gregg Allman passed away and was buried alongside Duane and Berry at Rose Hill Cemetery. The Allman Brothers Band Museum at the Big House provides a map to their grave sites and other interesting monuments in Rose Hill relevant to the band’s music.

Allman Brothers Band Rose Hill map

We have interment records and obituaries only for those persons buried at Riverside Cemetery. Information on individuals buried at other Macon cemeteries may be obtained directly from each cemetery or from the Middle Georgia Archives at the Washington Memorial Library.