Whether you are considering memorialization for a loved one or pre-planning for yourself, Riverside Cemetery offers a variety of options from which to choose. There are many advantages to pre-planning your arrangements including alleviating the stress of decision-making during a difficult time for your loved ones. Families often remark that this is the greatest gift a parent has left them. One of the first steps to pre-planning at Riverside Cemetery is scheduling a personal tour with the cemetery’s President or Maintenance Superintendent. Having devoted their professional careers to Riverside for more than 60 combined years, they will guide you through the cemetery, offer helpful advice, shepherd the pre-planning process, and answer any questions.

Pre-Plan your Burial Arrangements

Ensure your family is able to remember and honor your life as you wish, without the undue stress of planning for your arrangements. Pre-planning is an easy process. We invite you first to visit us for a tour of the 125-acre historic cemetery guided by Riverside Cemetery’s President or Maintenance Superintendent. You will learn about Riverside’s various burial options and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is in place well in advance of your family’s need. Pre-planning also presents an opportunity to reserve an estate lot for your entire family – a wonderful gift of security for the future.

Existing lot owners may also take advantage of pre-planning by selecting what type of memorialization will be created as well as its placement on the lot. Making these and other decisions now, with a clear head and without the emotional element of immediate loss, will greatly alleviate your loved ones’ burdens in future decision making.

Why Should I Pre-Plan My Burial Arrangements?

There are many advantages to pre-planning. We encourage you to visit Riverside Cemetery and speak with our knowledgeable and compassionate staff to learn more about pre-planning.

  • Pre-planning allows you the time and flexibility to compare options and come to an understanding of exactly what you want
  • Pre-planning provides the opportunity for you and your family to make informed decisions and choices that are meaningful and personalized
  • Pre-planning alleviates the emotional and financial stress placed upon friends and family during a difficult time
  • Pre-planning is a great way to plan ahead financially and possibly save money on arrangements

Available Spaces at Riverside Cemetery

Although Riverside Cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places, it is an open and active cemetery with many spaces available in a variety of sections and styles including the Camellia Mausoleum, the columbarium, family estate lots, the cremation garden, and traditional spaces.