Available Plots


Found in the lovely Violet section of Riverside Cemetery, each family estate lot may be completely customized. These lots offer pre-installed granite borders, exceptional landscaping, and unparalleled beauty for discerning families. Take a guided tour with a member of Riverside Cemetery’s management team to experience the sophistication of these stately family lots.

Family Estate Lots

Macon’s only modern family estate choice to accommodate today’s return to a sense of maintaining perpetual family bonds among multiple generations, these estate lots vary in size and offer families a range of choices, including traditional and cremation burial within the same plot. Many feature a single family monument, with individual marker memorialization of each family member.


Middle Georgia’s first columbarium, completed in 2013, includes 162 niches to help memorialize your loved one and protect their cremated remains. Surrounded by the historic beauty of the cemetery, the columbarium is constructed of granite and brick, and is adjacent to Riverside’s lovely family estate lot areas. A historic Civil War fort overlooks the columbarium.