Historic Riverside Cemetery Conservancy

Pathways to History

Pathways to History is a program the Conservancy makes available for use in local and regional schools. Following our pathways, teachers and students tour our cemetery to experience the hands-on, interactive curriculum we have developed to teach history using stories of the fascinating people buried here.

Ocmulgee Heritage Trail

Macon’s river walk runs through Riverside Cemetery, beginning at the historic gate house, following a path to Vineville Branch Creek and a beautiful boardwalk overlook. Ultimately, the Trail will cross Vineville Branch Creek and continue its northward stretch to Amerson River Park. The Riverside Cemetery Conservancy plans to develop public programs for nature study and family activities centered on the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail and the creek, so check back for future updates.

Plant Collections

From its earliest inception, Riverside Cemetery was designed as a rural cemetery park, with diverse specimens of flora to create the lush landscape we still enjoy today. Over the years, memory has faded and many plants, whether original to the cemetery, landscaped in modern times, or simply naturally occurring, are unidentified. This creates an excellent opportunity for Conservancy work in completing a survey of trees and other plant specimens to develop a program for identifying and labeling plants within our 125 acres.