Spotlight on Cecil Coke: A Dedicated Macon Native Whose Heart Changed the Community

Macon native Cecil Roberts Coke, Jr. has made a lasting impact on our community. His heart for his family, coworkers, friends, church, and Riverside Cemetery, is evident in the time and dedication he puts into every aspect of his life. It comes as no surprise that in the past 43 years working at Riverside Cemetery, he has made a huge impact on everyone he’s met.

During his career at Riverside, Cecil organized and archived our historical records, developed our computer database of interment records, and implemented online access to those records. This helped keep everything in one place, and ensured nothing would be lost. Additionally, he established rules and regulations for the cemetery to ensure order and peace.

Much of what you see at Riverside can be attributed to Cecil’s vision. He initiated groundwork for the conservancy, brought Ocmulgee Heritage Trail to the cemetery, added the columbarium and the Scattering Garden to the cemetery, and expanded the available lot inventory in four major areas.

Aside from his passion for Riverside, he and his wife Lisa enjoy attending Community Church and spending time with their son Duncan and his wife Faith. Additionally, Cecil was involved in the Rotary Club of Macon and, after his move to St. Simons Island, he moved his membership to Rotary Club St. Simons Island.  He & Lisa are enjoying retirement in the new community.  Their new home puts them closer to their son and his wife and their grandchildren.

We are so thankful for the decades of hard work Cecil has put into Riverside. Everywhere we look, we can see the places that Cecil has dreamt into being and how his heart has overflowed into this place.

A Little Bit About Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery is a non-profit organization governed by the Board of Directors for the benefit of all lot owners. Throughout its history, Riverside has been influentially managed by many of Macon’s important founding fathers and business leaders. Contact us today at 478-742-5328 if you have any questions of if you’d like to make a donation.