Burial Options

Family Estate

Early cemeteries in the United States were not formed with row upon row of markers in an open field as most modern cemeteries appear, but rather with large, private spaces uniquely carved out of the landscape to create family lots. Historic Riverside Cemetery recognizes the importance of providing families the option to have a final resting place together, while memorializing their family name. The newest areas of Riverside Cemetery were developed as Macon’s only modern family estate choice to accommodate today’s return to this sense of maintaining perpetual family bonds among multiple generations.

These estate lots vary in size and offer families a range of choices, including traditional and cremation burial within the same plot. Many feature a single family monument, with individual marker memorialization of family members.

Family Estate Lots

  • Families may have a final resting place together
  • Opportunity to memorialize the family name
  • Newest addition to the cemetery
  • Lots available in the Violet section

Violet Family Estate Lots

Found in the lovely Violet section of Riverside Cemetery, each family estate lot may be completely customized. These lots offer pre-installed granite borders, exceptional landscaping, and unparalleled beauty for discerning families. Take a guided tour with a member of Riverside Cemetery’s management team to experience the sophistication of these stately family lots.

Pre-Plan Today

Pre-planning now relieves future stress for your family by alleviating the pressure of making arrangements at the time of need. Families often remark that this is the greatest gift a parent has left them. One of the first steps to pre-planning at Riverside Cemetery is scheduling a personal tour with the cemetery’s President or Maintenance Superintendent. Having devoted their professional careers to Riverside for more than 60 combined years, they will guide you through the cemetery, offer helpful advice, shepherd the pre-planning process, and answer any questions.