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William Jefferson Juhan Sr.

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Date of Birth:
Date of Death: 7/18/1924
Interment Date: 7/19/1924
Spouse or Parent: Juhan, Louise Moultrie
Surviving Relatives: Daughters: Louise Juhan, Mrs. Clifford Fulghum, Mrs. H. G. Donald, Mrs. Roland Neel Sons: W. J. Juhan, Jr., Moultrie Juhan Brother: Charles J. Juhan Sister: Mrs. J. W. Spencer

Lot Information

Lot Designation: Daisy, Row B24, Lot 2

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Name Date of Death
Annell Napier Juhan 4/18/1891
Elijah Moultrie Juhan 6/22/1944
Infant of W J Juhan
Louise Moultrie Juhan 11/12/1947
Louise Moultrie Juhan 6/10/1932
Paul Juhan 9/27/1911
William Jefferson Juhan 7/18/1924
Elizabeth Juhan Porter 12/15/1918

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