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Charles H Rogers

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Date of Birth:
Date of Death: 1/13/1889
Interment Date: 1/14/1889
Spouse or Parent:
Surviving Relatives:

Lot Information

Lot Designation: Violet, Row A24, Lot 1

Name Date of Death
Katherine Douse Jones 6/21/1901
William Holt Jones 5/17/1899
Zeta Rogers Jones 4/8/1902
Alexander Wills Rogers 6/20/1861
Bonn Rogers 11/30/1871
Charles H Rogers 1/13/1889
Charles Montgomery Rogers 1/22/1862
Elizabeth Marion Rogers 3/21/1872
Eugenia Zeta Rogers
Florence R Rogers 5/22/1864
George Hancock Rogers 1/27/1859
Helen Ross Rogers 10/9/1921
Laura A Rogers 11/6/1896
Starbuck Henry Rogers 7/13/1932
William Augustus Rogers 9/7/1854

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