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The genealogy data on this website has been organized with Cemetery Sexton software, a historical cemetery data management system developed by Riverside Cemetery Inc. The Cemetery Sexton software organizes interments, grave plots, grave owners, and work orders. The Cemetery Sexton software is being developed to be sold from Riverside Cemetery Inc. to be used to document other historical cemeteries.

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Input information and locate the site of anyone interred at Riverside Cemetery. Photos of many of the sites are shown, but not all pictures are currently available.

Death dates inscribed on markers do not always reflect dates listed in our records which, in most cases, are based on published obituaries. Riverside Cemetery cannot control the dates inscribed on family markers.

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Available Plots and Spaces

Though Riverside Cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places, it is a modern and active cemetery. We have many plots and spaces still available in our mausoleums, cremation gardens, traditional lots sections, and estate lots in the new Gardenia section.

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